2010 UK WHO Convention

   September 28th

OCT 2nd & 3rd 2010  London UK


Below are just a few pages from the programme,if you didn’t get one at the
convention, you’re best bet would be go to http://www.thewhoconvention.com/
and email them and ask if any are left for sale.
There are also posters of the day available (limited quantity’s)
Even I don’t have one
I don’t know how that happened :

Pages 6 & 7 of the programme

No that’s not Alan Rogan above, it’s The Wholigans bassist Dave Smith taken at the 2003 convention .
Who due to unforseen circumstances could not make it to this convention
But as you can see he was not forgotten.
We luv our Dave ,and you’ll see Dave in upcoming Wholigan shows in 2011.

Auction items


The Wholigans drummer Darren talks about Keith

A nod of approval & thanks goes to the conventions  that went before, paving the way for future WHO conventions.

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