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Too many Wholigans spoil the broth ?

You know….you may have noticed (and it’s hard not to) that “The Wholigans” are not the same group of guys every gig.

Reason is, not every man can play the gig ,be it for family or day job reasons. Over the years we have connected to the best Who tribute players in the world, whether they are from the UK or Canada or the USA or Germany.
The combining of talents began with an idea in 2002 from our drummer Darren who suggested that after a gig Chris and I had done in NYC at the Hard Rock Café in 2001 or 2002 ?  and where we played with Bill Canells band ‘Who’s Next’ at ‘Wholapalooza, that we should approach Bill to play with us when Chris couldn’t make it, the idea of that spread quickly when we booked gigs and when certain people couldn’t make it.
So we put out the signal that we wanted only the best WHO musicians to
“fill in”…..and it worked !
That scenario works, and continues to work till this day with guitarists to bassists to drummers………………. *and perhaps one day a singer 😉
We have the best players ever, and everybody understands the situation..

Over a dozen (at least)  different members have travelled from LA to Vegas to Canada to the UK to Germany  Ireland and on and on and on……….
We are a fairly small group of musicians, but the talent across it’s members is unbelieveable.
Each member of the band have been in the band for a minimum of a few years,
from Dave/Gater in 86 to present ,to Darren in 89 –present day.

Yes…. I am the lone and original singer but ….I have been so blessed to be surrounded by great musicians over the years, and we will not play with inferior players.
Even one day I plan on having a replacement for me as I get older (I’m 56 now)but I’m still alive & kicking !

The Who is great great music, and music that deserves the best musicians to play it, and the fans will not put up with anything less than a great product.
You fans are relentless and hardcore in your devotion , and along the way  you have pushed us to be the best tribute we can be.
    YES there are way better bands that look the part,
YES there  are better bands in a lot of aspects.
We however are the worlds First Who tribute band ‘ever’ (1982),and our job is to give that overall WHO edge  that delivers that ‘Fight me or F**k me ‘ attitude, and our show which yes has lookalikes (we can’t help the way we look ;), but our focus is on the music, & the combination works really well.


We don’t pull out any party tricks like lasers, a mega light show. We have been known ‘on occasion’ to accidentally drop a guitar here & there
& perhaps a ‘drum or two’  😉
We are just 4 guys pumping out pure pomposity in all it’s theatrics, along with ear splitting volume which still captures each of The Who’s instruments
(vocals included)
We however …do
try to look the part as best we can, but the most important part is not the band itself, but you ‘the fans’ that come back show after show for 32 years now , and there’s some who follow the band gig after gig
(you daft bastards !)
You, who put trust in us that we will deliver your WHO memories of songs you grew up with, and we portray to the best of our abilities, your faith is limitless

The Wholigans are not so much about individuals, but as a collective group of very very very talented guys who are tightly honed in on their craft.

Our job (if you want to call it that) is to be a supergroup ‘of sorts’ that spreads the music of The Who across the world stages at the highest level we can attain.

This year alone we are playing the UK, USA, Canada.

I can’t begin to tell you Who is Who, and WHO has been a Wholigan, but they are all great players without whom this band would not be possible.
See The Wholigans ‘Family Tree’ here

I realize that you the fans probably would /should question this set up, but all of you have been very generous over the years  with your faith in us playing the best version of Who songs , no matter the band members.

The Wholigans is somewhat like a franchise, hopefully delivering the same quality product all over the world, but in order to do that, we must have quality ingredients (which I believe we have)
We have been lucky enough to have played numerous conventions for The Who in Germany and in London & NYC, and we travel all over the world to play for the most devout and honest true faithful fans of The Who, you guys are religous in your devotion of The Who.

I fell in to this band by pure sh*t luck in 1982

(See here  )
and I haven’t looked back, & we as a band thank each and every one of you for your continued support over 34 years and counting….BUT…we’re not dead yet ! 😉
2016 sees us going to…..
June Ontario Canada,

August Florida

Sept /Oct  England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Not bad for a tribute band eh ?

I just wanted to thank you the fans for your continued support. and also to thank all of The Wholigans musicians past, present & future for being a part of something bigger than ourselves.



I’m a Wholigan, WHO the F**K are you  !


& remember

Once a Wholigan, Always a Wholigan !

WHO are The Wholigans.


WHOligans WHistOry including the family tree




















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