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Watch all of The Wholigans video’s back to back here.

The Wholigans are featured in 4 books on the market,  ‘Behind Blue Eyes’  is a series of novels    & also a 2nd book by the same author ‘Love Reign O’er Me’  & the 3rd in the series  ‘Let my love open the door’ 

Former road manager for The Who and photographer Tom Wright and his book ‘Roadwork’ which The Wholigans are mentioned several times (Thanks Tom)
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The Wholigans who are sponsored by    & can be seen under the artists list here 

 The HIWATT story here


Everything you need to know about THE WHO…here >>>


Live at Leeds 2006

‘Full Moon’
Dougal Butlers journey with Keith .
It’s an excellent insight of the daily madness that was…. Keith Moon.  

A German website for fans of The Who


are the official endorsers of The Wholigans worldwide, with them…… all things are possible………………Thanks guys

“The Shout” a Pete Townshend chat board

The John Entwistle Home Page


Tom Wright , friend/rock photographer and former road manager of THE WHO.


 Carl Dunn who photographed the days of my life …….and yours

‘This is Rock & Roll ‘


David L. Fox – Photography

David shot the 2003 Tom Wright photo exhibit in Traverse Michigan at which we played.    Wholapalooza This site is used to showcase all the delicate and priceless moments of past Wholapalooza events, as well as provide information for upcoming Wholapalooza gatherings.

The Who Celebration Day Hamburg March 22nd 2003 & 2006

Everything you ever wanted or didn’t want to know about The Who is up there.


Friends of The Wholigans

A brilliant UK band ! They kick serious ass/arse!!!

               ‘Everywhere’  Looks like Bruce,sounds like Bruce…it must be !!!
If you see this band talk to my bud Matt(Bruce) and say  hello,  & say Barry sent you. (Tell him, he owes me a beer !

L.A Who tribute (often featuring me on vocals)



Featuring Wholigans guitarist Christopher Bacon and my friend & former Wholigan bassist Ray Harris .

Unfortunately the band lost two members in the last few years, singer Peter and another great guy (gone but not forgotten) drummer Bruno, whom I’ll never forget ‘the bloody ceaser’ incident at my house with Ray & Chris. …..oh boy ,what a day that was !






All of The Wholigans promotional material is printed by A Quality TampaBay/St.Petersburg company Great service /Great price !!!


Rock Honors: The Who from Dylan Sanford on Vimeo.

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