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 ” I went to see The Wholigans


Won’t get fooled Again


I WAS !!!

Jeff Stein Writer/Director of The Who’s 1979 movie

‘The Kids Are Alright’


The Wholigans are the greatest tribute band to The Who, and I’m proud to be a Wholigan ! “

Irish Jack (website)

The Original WHO fan and 60’s MOD Icon & the inspiration behind the album


“A Fantastic Substitute” ….Newcastle Evening Chronicle UK


“The Wholigans played our Wed night show at the Hilton in Las Vegas to a packed crowd who loved the show.The best Who tribute band out there !Jerry Greenberg Producer of  ‘Bring  Back The Music’   President Atlantic records and president MJJ Music ( Michael Jackson)
“Having seen the WHO in the 70’s perform as warm-up act to Hermans Hermits and thereafter rise to a pinnacle of success that would instill them as one of the premiere bands to cross the Atlantic during Rock  music’s most creative period,
I had only to close my eyes to be transported back to that period in my life again when I first witnessed and photographed a live performance by The Wholigans.

More than just a sincere form of flattery, The Wholigans fronted by lead vocalist Barry Quinn have devoted their lives to accurately reproducing the sound and attitude of one of the UK’s most valuable musical commodities
This devotion will certainly guarantee immortality to The Who’s music as well as offer a most accurate visual and auditory tribute.
Long live The Wholigans …..and long live rock. “
Carl Dunn  rock photographer who photographed The Who, Elvis, Hendrix and most of rock n rolls icons see here. inc recently Jeff Beck in 2010
Thanks Barry….. It was GREAT having you guys here.. What an AWESOME band you are.. You guys really rock..Anytime you are coming to town be sure to put us on your list..If you need a reference let me know.. you are the shit.. in a good well.. ”
Chuck Colby manager/owner of  The Waterfront theater  Marina Del Ray CA
The Wholigans played Jan 16th 2010
“As a diehard Who fan from as far back as the 70s, I’ve never heard anything else so perfect in every way.”
Jim Murtha
 The Wholigans have captured the essence of The Who at their peak                Florida WHO fan Steve



“With the Wholigans , never know what to expect,

but be ready for anything.”

Bill Canell


A fan in St. Petersburg Florida March 2009

I am a major Who fan.

 I study them.

 I live them.


The Wholigans have captured the essence of The Who at their peak.  
They are matchless, and I was mesmerized.  
For most of the concert I was standing in the equivalent of 2nd row in between Pete and Roger.
I almost didn’t come in to the show as cash is rather tight.  I live in bike riding distance from the venue, and I was just gonna hang out by the gate and listen to the band.
Jannus Landing is in a courtyard in downtown St. Pete.
You can hang out in front and even though you can’t see the band, you can hear just fine.

Anyroad, as soon as I heard “I Can’t Explain” I said I gotta see these guys.  


I happily paid for my ticket and walked in and took stock of what was going on.  
I knew straight up that The Wholigans were not some fly by night tribute band.  
 They have the look, the sound, and the feel of The Who circa 1969-1970.
I was blown away at their ability to recreate the atmosphere of seeing The Who at Woodstock, Leeds, or the Isle of Wight.
Songs like “Tattoo” and “A Quick One” were flawless.
When they started “Young Man Blues” I was totally enveloped.
The performance of Tommy was spot on.

The WHOligans rock.
Cheers, Steve
(several articles from Barry’s hometown in England, or see below)

Newcastle Evening chronicle PDF  2


A fantastic substitute !

May 17 2004

The Wholigans, Newcastle Opera House – As a big fan of The Who, I arrived at the Newcastle Opera House …



Who are you ?
Sep 2 2005
If the irony of a WHO tribute band playing ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ is apparent to Barry Quinn…..

Look Who’s turned his life right around !
Jul 4 2003
Barry Quinn left Tyneside for Canada at the age of 21, disillusioned and with no prospects – and a bad …

Kilmarnock Scotland

May 20 2004 Comments on our concert at the Princess Pavilion. in Falmouth UK

Robin McCay email after watching The Wholigans live at “The Mean Fiddler”, at The Who convention in London Sep 6th 2003.




 10482528_10154322663655392_3552768856229882890_n - Copy
The Wholigans capture not only the sound and essence of The Who, but could easily pass for the original members of The Who.
The band concentrates on the ‘Live at Leeds’ era , but their set list contains a majority of the most popular material from The Who’s catalogue from day one until the final days of Keith Moon.
From the stage clothes to the authentic stage gear + capturing the mannerisms of The Who. The Wholigans bring back memories of a Who of yesteryear which has to be seen to be believed.

With the thrashing windmills of Pete Townshend to the mic swinging of Roger Daltrey, and the incredible drumming style of Keith Moon, combined with the thunderfingers of John Entwistle. The Wholigans seem to have captured the total package…….that is  The Who.

Come See Feel & hear The Who’s music the way it was in the glory days of the 70’s and decide for yourself……..


No matter the event,The Wholigans are THE WHO band to see ,as they have headlined several conventions for THE WHO, appearing with Roger Daltrey & Simon Townshend of The Who , and Mark Brzezicki (drummer for Big Country) & Bruce Foxton (bassist for The Jam)
The Wholigans have opened for many classic rock acts such as ‘Blue Oyster Cult’…Foghat…and Burton Cummings of ‘The Guess Who’.
Also appearing on on several tv and radio stations around the world, including NBC & the BBC.

The band is regarded by fans of The Who as the worlds best WHO tribute, which is proven by the band being asked to headline WHO conventions worldwide.

The Wholigans have headlined 4 International WHO conventions since 2003. One in Hamburg Germany 2003 and three in London UK 2003 & 2006 &  in OCT 2010 and at each event it was sold out .
Lead singer Barry also sang Saturday & Sunday at the 2013 convention in London.

Keith Moon

John Entwistle

Pete Townshend

Roger Daltrey

Artists since 2003  



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