IMG_0024Are you a Wholigan ?
Want to show the world WHO you are ?

3 *stickers sent –anywhere- in the world for just $2.50 US ….includes postage .   

6 stickers   $4.50

10 stickers  $7.00

The stickers are 3″ wide x 6″ long.
Just send payment and your address to payable to
The stickers are made to be similiar to the ink print on the ‘Live at Leeds’ album.


GET THEM NOW before you go see THE WHO, then wear it with pride and let everyone know …… are a ‘WHOLIGAN’ !!!!

Sticker, black

* Stickers are not recommended for outdoor use, mother nature tends to get them wet :\

Scroll down to see more Wholigan stickers.







We created our shirts in the style , and as a tribute to
‘Live at Leeds’ and that album has taken on many colours over the years, and each is original to everyone at some point in their lives.
So we created a hybrid that hopefully pleases everyone.
See our shirt below the album covers.









The colour is best represented in the above photos ,as opposed to the ones below.


Mick n John, lang time Geordie Wholigans from Newcastle in England. (Barry’s home toon)




 ™   Quality car bumper sticker

  WAS $16 

 *$12.99 per shirt  £6.50 approx.

   + $7    s&h  Usa/Canada   …….add $2 s&h  for each extra shirt

UK & EU+$15 s&h   £9.70 approx…….add $4 s&h  for each extra shirt.
(UK Shipping has jumped up to $15 , my apologies)
Sorry about the s&h ,it’s the post office making the $$$ not us.

Shirts are available in Small (out of stock)….Med(out of stock)L…XL….& 2XL 3XL and are 100% cotton  Pre-shrunk heavyweight 6.1 oz. (more info here)

If you already own a Wholigans shirt, send us a photo of you wearing it and we’ll put you on the site !

Pictured above is the artist Xavier from Spain ,who  drew the caricature on the front of the shirt.

If you own one of the shirts below ,you now have a collectors item as they are no  longer available……even I only have 1 !!! 30_1_b  

Free signed 8 x 10’s  available on request …….pick any 2  ($3 shipping & handling) 

1 Bill on guitar






2 Barry

3 Barry,Darren & Bill

4 Stageclothes

5 (Temporarily out of stock)

*Printed on 100lb gloss paper

Photo’s signed ( by Barry only for now)

To order, contact us  

 State photo 1,2,3,4 or 5 when ordering.


Stickers also available seperately

 ™ Quality car bumper sticker 3″ ht x 111 /4″w   & ™  sticker 13/4″ h   X 10 1/4 ” w

1 of each $2.50  (s&h inc)

2 of each $3.50  (s&h inc)



The Wholigans & any derivative of is ™ 

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Thousands & Thousands & Thousands of WHOLIGAN    stickers,badges and assorted promo have been spread across the globe since 1982.       
So what we would like to see is …..
Where in the world is your Wholigan ?


Send a photo of you and your WHOLIGAN (or just the Wholigan if you prefer)

It could be on the Eiffel tower in Paris or the CN Tower in Toronto …. or maybe on your toilet seat  (don’t ask…….a friend of mine keeps his there!

We know that Wholigans travel far and wide, so send a photo of your exotic or erotic  Wholigan

(not too naughty though   although maybe we’ll start a ‘private’ collection…. nudge nudge ,wink wink..say  no more  eh ? On your car or bike, or on the bottom of your rubbish bin, send it in and we’ll post it here >>>>>email ‘My Wholigan is…’

Don’t have a Wholigan ?….no problem, get one here (scroll down)

Also send in photo’s of you in your Wholigans t-shirt for our ‘Fan Photo’s’ page. …..Mail us

Or maybe you have a photo of you back in the 80’s or 90’s with Wholigans gear or at a show back then Send to TheBand@


Here’s the very first one sent in from Kriss Coder Roth from France.

July 2014 Sam Grosso owner of the ElMocambo in Toronto sent us this one of his riding mower. 10529409_10154253584035577_1086453141_n – Michaela from Scotland Michaela frae Scotland

‘Wolfy ‘  2010 UK WHO Convention London

Ruthie at the 2010 WHO convention

 Ruthie at the 2010 WHO convention

Michelle                          &  Ian at the 2010 Who convention


& two from a crazy 50th birthday girl  (name witheld to protect the “innocent”

  Barry’s Beer Fridge in the Wholicave.     . Gerry Keane from Ireland. (+ posters bottom left)

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