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Jan 3rd 2011

You where all fucking magic at the convention, top stuff. I’ll be travelling over to the UK to catch

more Wholigan gigs this year. Also hope to see you in Ireland again this year.


The Wholigans are the dogs bollox, full of power, energy and can kick any bands arse upside

down and sideways, thanks lads for keeping all us Wholigans very happy.

Thanks again mate, Happy Who Year to you and all the band.

Your Number 1 Irish Wholigan and Guinness drinking buddy,


“Thanks Barry.. It was

GREAT having you guys here..

What an AWESOME band you are.. You guys really rock..

Anytime you are coming to town be sure to put us on your list..

If you need a reference let me know.. you are the shit.. in a good way..

be well.. cc”

Chuck C manager/owner of The Waterfront theater The Wholigans played Jan 16th 2010



I just discovered your web site and heard a sample of your music — and I’m blown away.

As a diehard Who fan from as far back as the 70s, I’ve never heard anything

else so perfect in every way.

Will you be appearing anywhere on Long Island or in the New York metro area

 any time in the near future? 
Jim Murtha



30 yrs ago I saw the Who ,……………………………..on Saturday 29/8/09 I saw them again ……
only this time they were called the Wholigans

No ifs ,buts or maybe’s this band ARE the ultimate Who tribute band .

I wish you could be in the audience with us to realise how much what you do means to us .

I was next to young and old ,people in their 60’s rocked with kids in their teens .

All the biggest bands in the world love to play Scotland because of the audience,

if a band gives 100% we appreciate it ,

you guys give 120% and we love you for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                                               Davie Miller


August 2009

Guys – thanks for an awesome show at Fremont Street last night

(August21st) – Maximum R&B!!

I was at the Who at Kilburn gig (almost the last time Moony played with them in public) in ’77,

and you guys just brought the feelings right back and reminded me why the Who are the greatest rock band the world has ever seen!

The signed drumhead already has pride of place – thanks for that fantastic gift, and the fantastic gift of the music!!

 Effin’ brilliant!! Wholigans kick ass!!

 Nic (and his missus BB, and his mate Steve visiting from England)

You guys were great!! I didn’t expect to listen to one of my favorite bands in the streets of Vegas,
thank you very much and keep up the great tunes,,,thank you!!!

Michael J Sepe


_hello wholigans,Is there any chance you will play dublin again it was a fantastic gig

and there is a big crowd waiting to see you again


tom kelly


We are booking UK & EU dates(as we speak) for the end of April/start of May 2010  ,and Dublin has been approached/by our agents.
As of Feb 25th nothing has been booked yet.
Dublin was indeed a fantastic gig  and believe me …..we are doing all we can to return there.
Please email/contact the academy and tell them WHOyou would like to see, it would be a great help 🙂

November 3rd 2013
Thanks for a great time in London boys! You rocked the place!
The dancing “inspirational” girl, Andrea Smith

Saw The Wholigans for the first time in Las Vegas during the Summer of 69 celebration. 
Awesome show!  Really rocked! 
Not old enough to have seen the real Who, but I couldn’t imagine the music and stage show being any closer. 
Would definitely like to see again!! 
Kevin Wysor
I caught you guys at the freemont street experience.I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t watching the original band.You guys rocked & I wanted to thank you for the smokin show you put on.If you’re ever in Vegas PLEASE let me know I’ll round up everybody I know & bring them to the Show. Thanks again DRUMMERDUDE
Went to see the guys at the palace theatre in kilmarnock, scotland on 28th August and they were absolutely brill.
Been a Who fan for 26 years and these guys have it to a T.
Hope you come back again lads. Cheers for the excellent night.
                                  Davie Morris…


I saw your show on 8-22-09 at The Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas and I must say you guys rock!Keep on rocking.
Little Johnny




Cheers Barry
Thrilled to meet you all and what a brilliant performance it exceeded all my expectations
Getting back to normal after all The Who fever in the air around Dublin
hope everything went well in Belfast and you all got home in one piece
kind regards to Chris Darren & Mark


Hey guys,

Lorraine here.  You rocked Belfast!

Me and my sis Alison had a fab time at the gig.

Was amazing to have a tribute band of my fave band play over here and you really did them justice big time.

Was really cool to meet you guys too.


Hi It’s Donna here,
We caught your gig in Swansea on the 7th of Sept it was awesome,and it was so nice of you to chat to us afterwards although you were so tired ah thanks for that.
We hope to see you again next time you are in our good city.Keep us posted
 Take care
 Donna and your new converts
Dear Chaps,

          Hope you get this. You were without doubt the best I have seen you at the ‘Pot’ in Derby.I’ve seen you a few times and this must be the best line up.Just keep going!




Watched you guys last night at Buxton Opera house and what a show, my ears are still ringing.

Excellent, first time I’ve ever been to see a tribute band and I’m impressed.

See ya again on yer next tour.




hi guys, what a great night we had at your gig in motherwell, sure no how to rock.hope you enjoyed the “LOW FLYERS ” (GROUSE WHISKY ) at the after show party .

all the best guys till your back in scotland ,

big john & co.



Just had to write after seeing you guys for the second time in motherwell last week,what a night and it was good to meet u guys in the starka bar afterwards,come back soon please


Hi GuysSo so very glad I could make it to your show.Had just came out of A&E after an injury to my left hand.

Drove to the venue using only my right arm etc…

Sat through the Underground Jam in complete agony. (no harm to the boys)

I was in pain, then you lot came on and blew me away.Every one of you played your parts so well.

I am also a musician (guitarist) so I should know what to look for.

Barry,,,, When you sang “See me, Feel Me” , softly at first, then in a loud Daltrey agressive manner,


This was the best WHO tribute I was ever likely to witness. WELL DONE.

Cant wait to see you guys back in this area.

I will invite all my mates and maybe even the wife  if I can pluck up the courage LOL.

Robert Dunlop




I saw the band playing for the first time in Motherwell Scotland at the weekend , blew me away ,loved the band , wasnt that big a Who fan but i am now ,hope to see you again sometime , thanks again lads for a wonderful night,



Come baaaack!!!! Come baaaack!!!! 🙂
thanks for playing vegas you guys were great! Hope you can come out and play again.Told lots of friends about you guys. They all want to see you when YOU COME BACK!!!!!!

RE:VegasI LOVED your shows – we ventured downtown to the LV Fremont Street Experience twice to see you(I was the gal near the front all 3 sets on Sunday and then in front all the next Saturday).

It was great chatting with you guys, too.
Hope you come back soon! Hopefully in a venue that’ll let you smash your equipment. 😉
Thanks for the fun memories!

Iv just got back from the Motherwell gig and what can I say …………… guys rocked it tonight.I saw young and old rock, the way that music should be played loud and proud.I was that taken up with the music I never got a poster even after all my arse kissing ………….

seriously guys thanks for a fantastic gig you gave it everything and it was appreciated .Hurry back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                                         David Miller

From: DANIEL DWORKINSent: Friday, July 03, 2009 1:17 PM


Hey Barry Migman here.I wanted to let you know the show at Sims Park June 27th 09 was great and we had a great time.I went to the website and saw the picture of My wife ,son and myself on there. That’s really cool.

We appreciate that we were recognized.

Hope to see you guy’s again soon. I know your off to Europe but we will see you when you return.

Thanks for a great show


________________It’s been almost 4 1/2 years since my last Wholigasm, and I am now suffering from Wholigans Withdrawal.So I intend to see them as many times as I can on this tour. Come on -TOMMY’s AND WOODSTOCK’S 40th Anniversary

Doesn’t get any better!

The Wholigans represent the Who that captivated me in the “Woodstock” movie,

thanks to MTV’s airing 20 years ago.

Hanging with them backstage makes me feel like I’m at Woodstock, or Leeds, or the Isle of Wight,

for that matter!

Since then, I’ve been e-mailing every Northeastern venue I could think of,

and pleading with them to book the ‘orribl ‘ooligans!

No luck so far!

I almost feel like Sally Simpson when it comes to the Wholigans, in a way.

Sara Novelli, Bay State Wholigan


Hey I saw you boys in Middleton Manchester England about Five years ago.
  Just wanna let you know it was one of the best gigs Ive ever been to.
   There was only a handful of people there but you still gave it 100%
  And smashed your fucking guitar.  
   I will always remember The Wholigans
   Thank You
   Love Reign O’Er Me



March 20th

I am a major Who fan. 
 I study them. 
 I live them.  
The Wholigans have captured the essence of The Who at their peak.  
They are matchless, and I was mesmerized.  
For most of the concert I was standing in the equivalent of 2nd row in between Pete and Roger.  
I almost didn’t come in to the show as cash is rather tight.  I live in bike riding distance from the venue,and I was just gonna hang out by the gate and listen to the band.

Jannus Landing is in a courtyard in downtown St. Pete.  You can hang out in front and even though you can’t see the band,you can hear just fine.Anyroad, as soon as I heard “I Can’t Explain” I said I gotta see these guys.

I happily paid for my ticket and walked in and took stock of what was going on.  
I knew straight up that The Wholigans were not some fly by night tribute band.  
 They have the look, the sound, and the feel of The Who circa 1969-1970. 
 I was blown away at their ability to recreate the atmosphere of seeing The Who at Woodstock, Leeds,or the Isle of Wight.
Songs like “Tattoo” and “A Quick One” were flawless. When they started “Young Man Blues” I was totally enveloped.  
The performance of Tommy was spot on.  The WHOligans rock. 
Cheers, Steve








I have seen the Wholigans from the first time they played in Florida.

They sounded as great as ever on Saturday night at Jannus Landing.

Let’s have some more Florida dates!!!




 March 15th 09

We’ve seen the Wholigans MANY times,

the Jannus Landing gig last night,by far was the best.

The band was tight,fuckin loud and phenomenal.thanks for rockin ST.PETE !!








March 3rd 2009

Saw you bastards in Newcastle…good God what a show!

Love that guitar, Pete!

I was Shakin’ All Over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rick Powers

I am thrilled to learn that The Wholigans will rock Canada again!
It was such a treat to see/hear/document The Wholigans two nights in a row last year. 😉
and vids at
April Severin


12.10.08 10:35 am

Headline: Irish Wholigan

Hi Guys, Great shows,was worth the trip from Ireland.





12.07.08 3:46 pm


JOE – SECOND CUMMING (The Guess Who tribute)





12.03.08 11:26 am

Headline: Derby

Dear Barry

Had the fantastic pleasure of seeing you fellas twice in the UK. The FlowerPot in

Derby and the Robin 2 at Bilston, and was lucky enough to chat to both you & Darren.

You guys were totally awesome and I will never forget it – cheers mate!

Have a great holiday! See you in the New Year!

Love Ruthie G-B




12.03.08 9:39 am

Headline: The Flowerpot Derby Nov 15th 2008

Totally awesome night last night at the Flowerpot (Derby) – my ears are still ringing!

Never seen anything like it in my life – oh and thanks for the stick!

Ruth Galliers-Bradshaw x




12.03.08 9:38 am

Headline: The Flowerpot Derby Nov 15th 2008

Hi fellas

Had fantastic nite at the Flower Pot – Derby – you were amazing! Tried to listen in on Radio

Newcastle but it threw me out and I missed it! Very disapointed. Hope to catch you again very soon –

come back to England!!!!! Please. x

Have posted a comment on your website but it’s not come up, so I’ll say thank you again and

thanks to Darren for the stick and the chat. It was lovely!

Ruthie Galliers-Bradshaw x



12.03.08 9:37 am

Headline: Newcastle Academy Nov 18th 2008


Steve (bass) from Diablo here, just got home from the gig. Wanted to drop you a note to

say many thanks for having us as your support and I hope we did a good show to get the

audience warmed up for you. We really enjoyed ourselves.

Sorry to say I only caught the beginning of your set, some of our more ardent Diablo fans insisted on

dragging us away to celebrate at a bar along the road (I’m sure you guys know how important PR

and the relationship with your fans is!!)

But I have to say from what I saw before I left I really don’t think I could’ve come

any closer to seeing the Who than what I saw and heard tonight, you’ve got it

absolutely nailed! You’ve obviously put a hell of a lot of hard work into recreating one of the most iconic bands.

Good luck with the rest of your tour, next time you’re over in the UK I’ll try and catch a full gig.





12.03.08 9:34 am

Headline: Newcastle Academy Nov 18th 2008

Hi Barry.

All I can say is…..what a gig! 

Tremendous show you lot put on right from the off, and the only real pity was

the final encore which was out of your control.

I managed to drag my mate down to the gig, and I’m sure he had a tear in his eye,

as the night took him back to The Who gigs at Newcastle Oedon in the early 70’s!

He takes a lot of pleasing with ‘local’ bands, but he had a brilliant night and was well impressed!

Caught the appearance on Radio Newcastle too, and was very interested in

what you said about your band and the acoustic numbers were good also.

So again thanks for a great night out, and sorry I didn’t manage to get to

chat with you and have that pint.

Next time, eh? …..And hurry back!!!

All the best,

Davy Potter


You said Brian Johnson lives down the road from you in Florida?

Have a word with him and tell him to play The Toon with AC/DC! Haha!




12.03.08 9:31 am

Headline: Bush Hall Shepherds Bush Nov 19th 08

Hi guys,

Awesome gig last night, I really enjoyed it. You may have noticed me taking

photos if you weren’t too buys rocking out. I’ve put a few up on my flickr page –


but I have an absolute shitload more so if you want me to email you them then let me know.





12.03.08 9:27 am

Headline: Newcastle Academy Nov 18th 2008

Hi guys.

I was the bloke taking a load of photographs

(and acting as unofficial “speed roadie”) of Diablo when you played

The Carling Academy, Newcastle upon Tyne. I managed to catch a

few of you boys in action. Thought you might like the link.


Loved the show by the way – and cheers for being very accommodating to your support band.

You made them feel very welcome. Overall a great night which everyone seemed to enjoy.

Hope you get back to God’s City soon!!!

Good Luck





12.03.08 9:18 am

Headline: Motherwell show Nov 22nd 2008


I don’t know if you’ll remember me, I emailed you a few months ago

asking if you’d any plans to come to the UK. You mailed back and told

me what dates you were going to be here for and it turned out you

were playing my hometown of Motherwell.

You were saying you had relatives who came from here and asked about the chip shop over the road.

Anyhoo, I went to the gig tonight and just had to tell you how bloody amazing you were! I have had the honour of seeing The Who a few times and I can honestly say that you guys are “up there” with them!

The energy, the style, just everything blew me away!

Baba O’Riley is my favourite Who song and you totally did it justice. I’ll certainly come and see you guys again and i’ll be recommending my friends do the same.

It was the best £12 i’ve ever spent in my life.

Maybe if yer gonna throw so much of your equipment into the crowd and smash up your guitars you might wanna consider hiking the price up…lol

Well done guys, it was an excellent evening and you’re all fabulous!


P.S…it was my son Jamie who gave you his SLF t-shirt, I was glad you gave it back tho cos he would have frozen to death going home without it…lol




12.03.08 9:16 am

Headline: Motherwell show Nov 22nd 2008

hi guys

was at your gig in motherwell in scotland last night 22nd nov ive been a big who fan since i knew what music was about!! i took my wife who until i met her was into the boyband thing she had a brill night and is now a big fan cant wait till u come big WE ARE THE MODS!!!!!!!

cheers alan and jackie




12.03.08 9:15 am

Headline: Jersey Who fan

Wish I could be in the UK seeing you perform. Have you checked out the Bergen Performing Arts Center in Englewood, New Jersey?

They have all kinds of performances and I think would welcome you. The Who is loved in New Jersey. Theater is renovated and seats 1000. It is right next to the Bennett Recording Studios and home to many artists.

Joyce McGirr


I’ll work on that Joyce. 





12.03.08 9:12 am

Headline: The Diamond in Sutton UK Nov 23rd 08

Thanks guys for The Diamond!

I am the guy with the flashing t shirt you’s seen you 10 times now!

I put Gary onto you!

See you next year, no doubt.

Where in Florida are you Barry? I have a small home in California.

Ian Neal



12.03.08 9:10 am

Headline: The Diamond in Sutton UK Nov 23rd 08

Just a quick note to say a huge thank you to the band for Sunday nights performance at The Diamond.

Really, really enjoyed the show, brought back many memories and a cracking show, a quality band and hope to see you again in the future.

Jamie & friends,

Bolsover, Derbyshire.




12.03.08 9:09 am

Headline: CHESTER Nov 24th

Hello! i’m Al.

I attended your gig at Chester’s Telford’s warehouse last night, and had a blast! I had a great time. It was my first Wholigans gig- My ear is still ringing after standing at the front by the P.A! The whole band was terrific.

I enjoyed bashing that tambourine that was accidentally kicked over to me during ‘sparks!’ lol!!!

Just a shame there was such a low turnout.

Apologies for just getting Barry a double southern comfort and nowt for anyone else, but I didnt have chance to get you all one like I intended to, as you disappeared off stage so quick! anyway, I look forward to seeing you all again in good ol’ England very soon!!! i’ll bring the wife to be next time. oh yes, and i’ll keep to my word and get you all a round in!

Once again, thanks for a great night, and keep up the great music!!!

yours sincerely,

Alan Russell.


           Return to top if you like 😉


12.03.08 9:06 am

Headline: Motherwell show Nov 22nd 2008

I met you’se at Motherwell Civic Centre on Saturday night, I am going to send

you’se some black and whites I taken of you’se, enjoy, we put a video together

on our website “Teenage Wasteland” our little tribute to

you’se guys for a barnstormer of a show, my mate Fitzy gave you’se a hand after

the gig with the equipment, fantastic show of the highest calibre, cheers!!!

From Charlie and all the Glasgow Mods!!!




12.03.08 9:04 am

Headline: CHESTER Nov 24th 08

Hi Barry & band,

I met you at the Chester gig this week at Telfords Warehouse.

What a fantastic show…very true to the original line up, sound, attitude…bloody great. It took me back…a real pity that there were only about 25 of us there. Nonetheless, you put on a real show & worked your nuts off.

I went with my nephew who is a bigger Who nut than I am & he had such a gas. We will definitely look out for you next time you tour the UK – though I doubt you’ll make Chester a ‘must play again’ on your list.


Peter Reeve




12.03.08 9:01 am

Headline: Motherwell show Nov 22nd 2008

Just saw The Wholigans at Motherwell Concert Hall.Superb ,i managed to see The Real Who

in 2000 just before Ox passed away and they were still rockin.The Wholigans are the closest you will get to the real thing.A must see.

Larry ,Wishaw , Scotland




11.11.08 7:41 am

Headline: UK gigs


I have posted your message and flyer on the unofficial ‘who forum’

Admin emailed it too all members so hopefully word spreads!

Looking forward to seeing you at the Bush



null target=_blank> WHOchat

Thanks Lewys 




11.09.08 12:12 pm

Headline: UK gigs

Hi Barry,

Really looking forward to the Bush Hall gig. Been anticipating your return since your last visit over here. Went to see Who’s Next in Stratford last night to start getting in the mood.





11.08.08 8:40 am

Headline: CHESTER Nov 24th

Came across you by chance whilst checking out The Small Fakers, really liked what i saw so i booked tickets for your show in Chester Nov 24.

Am bringing the wife she luvs The Who so look forward to seeing you

Andy & Lynn Lanaghan

null Chester tickets




10.23.08 12:29 am

Headline: 1982

This is so funny…I remember when you were just starting out back in 1982. You played a at a bar in Newmarket, Ontario, called the New Compass Resturant. I worked behind the bar and had the pleasure of meeting you. I really enjoyed that night and I still have the original poster, signed I believe hidden away someway.

I came upon your facebook entry on Great Big Sea, and I am a huge fan of theirs. I still can’t believe it. Funny.

Brenda Lee


Brenda I remember ‘the compass’ quite well , I say ‘quite’ as it was 26 years ago !!!

If you ever find that poster, please send me a photo …I’d love to see it





09.23.08 12:53 am

Headline: Run Run Run




06.18.08 4:11 pm

Headline: RE:Johnny P

Re – JohnnyP:

I myself am desperate to get the Wholigans to that very area. Have you contacted Paradise Rock Club, Revolution, the Harp, or other venues in the Boston area?
Sara, Bay State Wholigan




03.31.08 10:33 pm

Headline: Only Florida show ?

Migman writes…..

We missed you all at the Chasco Fiesta this year.

Any concert dates for the west coast of FL yet?


Unfortunately the one and only scheduled Florida show is April 26th …Barry




03.13.08 3:31 pm

Headline: Boston shows ?

John D. Pompeo writes

Is there any chance of seeing your terrific band in the Boston area?


JohnnyP (Anxious to see the Wholigans)



I’m trying man I’m trying

nothing as yet ,but if you know of good venues and or agents in the area please mail me at and always contact the same venues yourself and tell them WHO you want to see




12.07.07 8:42 am

TV show ‘The Spot’ featuring The Wholigans 2005 (scroll to the right for more)



11.26.07 11:44 am

Headline: Our old website

try this




10.30.07 11:30 pm

Headline: Barry’s blog

Keep checking my diary/blog for updates.

Heres 3 video’s from Sept 07 in Wuppertall Germany.


The Seeker





10.19.07 7:17 am

Headline: Bad Enbach show

Hi there,

Saw you Sunday 14 th of october in Bad Endbach/Oxygen. Well, quiet impressive!!

As I am an old Fan of the Who and their kind of old british rock music me and my

girlfriend had a wonderful evening listning and and watching to the show.

Thanks a lot


Biedenkopf, 19.10.2007



10.18.07 2:36 pm

Headline: GERMANY tour over

The tour is now over but you can still watch our show in Hamburg at the KaiserKeller

from Oct 11th, just go to my blog for info on how to see it.

The Wholigans 2 hour show at the KaiserKeller

Hope all those who were there in Germany enjoyed it and hopefully we

will see you next year.




09.12.07 8:00 am

Sorry Leo,

the agents over there didn’t come up with enough dates to make it feasible.

I don’t know what to tell you

Believe me I wanted to play Newcastle etc really really bad !.

oh well…maybe next year.

Whenever you are out at a venue ,please PLEASE mention you would

like to see us and tell them about our site(s) otherwise they won’t know, we’d appreciate it.

Germany is real cheap to fly over on ryanair I believe.

Germany is our last shows for the year as I have a back surgery

Oct 31st which puts me out until 2008 !

So please try and make it + it’s Octoberfest !!!!


null Barry on my space

Barry’s Blog




09.12.07 7:33 am

Headline: No UK in 2007 🙁


Does this mean no U.K. shows for 2007?

Leo Bacigalupo




07.31.07 12:24 pm

Headline: Germany tour dates

See.. ‘upcoming shows ‘ for links


THE WHOLIGANS ……..25TH Anniversary tour 2007

A tribute to The Who since 1982

w/special guests from the UK ‘Black Olives’

Thurs Sept 27th Cologne

Fri Sept 28th Hildesheim

Sat Sept 29th Wuppertal:

Sun Sept 30th Off

Mon Oct 1st Off

Tues Oct 2nd Oldenburg

Wed Oct 3rd Nuremberg:

Thurs Oct 4th TBA

Fri Oct 5th Adorf

Sat Oct 6th TBA

Sun Oct 7th Dresden: – click on terminal and then click on vorschau

Mon Oct 8th Off

Tues Oct 9th Off

Wed Oct 10th TBA

Thurs Oct 11th Hamburg
Fri Oct 12th Flensburg

Sat Oct 13th Berlin


Sun Oct 14th Bad Enbach

Mon Hangover day 😉

To see updates as they come in , go here

Or visit one of our sites.


most updated
null null




07.10.07 9:36 am

Headline: New video’s about to be added from 06

‘The spot’ 2005 a Florida tv entertainment show

‘Shakin All over’ 2006 London WHO convention

Summertime Blues 2006 London who Convention

DAYTIME Florida entertainment tv show 2006 Ch 8

For more of The Wholigans on you tube go to…




06.02.07 3:17 pm

Headline: May 11th video, ‘Drowned’





05.29.07 1:11 pm

Headline: UK tour

From: Leo Bacigalupo

Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2007 12:42 PM

Looking forward to seeing you guys in the U.K. in Oct. Any venues confirmed yet?




Nothing is ever 100% till we set foot on the stage Leo, but that said we are working

around the German dates which themselves aren’t 100%…..yet.

Trust me as soon as I have names and places confirmed , you’ll know here and on my

blog and myspace.

It’s quite a bit of work putting something like this together, but our UK agent is on it




05.16.07 11:47 am





05.13.07 10:04 am

Davide Trequadrini





05.13.07 10:02 am

Headline: The Wholigans gig at the Blue Jays stadium

Mary Bartholomew

Saturday, May 12, 2007 11:20 AM

How Fantastic! Sit,,,,,, drink beer on a manicured lawn,,,,, watch The Wholigans…..



04.27.07 6:52 pm

: Where are you..oo..oo..oo..oo

Headline: HELLO ?

Where are The Wholigans………… ?




04.13.07 7:16 pm

: March 24th show in Florida

Headline: Young Man Blues


The Wholigans on YouTube




03.01.07 11:05 pm

Headline: 3 Rogers

This photo will always hold a special place in my heart.


Clint ? from the quadropheniacs, Barry, Sara ,Dave from ‘who’s next’ NYC ..2002




02.23.07 12:53 pm

Headline: Welcome to the camp …from Barry

Welcome to the new site, it’s not altogether 100% ready but subtle changes

will be made over time.

I actually get to run some of this site and with my minimal knowledge of

running one, it should be interesting.
Unfortunately due to the infiltration of spam nowadays each entry has to be approved

first,I hate that ….as it’s more work, but in order to stop the offers of a

longer penis  and a fake rolex…. it is what it is
Lot’s of shows are now up and will be going up in the next little

while ,so be patient as we are headed your way.

For the bloggers who want instant news and more info/video’s , go to Barry’s Blog


The Wholigans on myspace


Barry’s myspace




02.22.07 2:57 pm

Alreet Lad’s

I like the new look of the website. Wholigans world wide will comment on this.

Keep up the great work, See Ya all in the UK soon.





02.20.07 9:11 pm

Headline: Guest Book is working!!!!

This is our new guest book, send us your warm friendly comments and we’ll post them.








I am a major Who fan.  
I study them.  
I live them.  
The Wholigans have captured the essence of The Who at their peak.  
They are matchless, and I was mesmerized.  
For most of the concert I was standing in the equivalent of 2nd row in between Pete and Roger. 
 I almost didn’t come in to the show as cash is rather tight.  
I live in bike riding distance from the venue, and I was just gonna hang out by the gate and listen to the band.  
Jannus Landing is in a courtyard in downtown St. Pete.  You can hang out in front and even though you can’t see the band,

you can hear just fine.

Anyroad, as soon as I heard “I Can’t Explain” I said I gotta see these guys.

I happily paid for my ticket and walked in and took stock of what was going on.

I knew straight up that The Wholigans were not some fly by night tribute band.

They have the look, the sound, and the feel of The Who circa 1969-1970.


I was blown away at their ability to recreate the atmosphere of seeing The Who at Woodstock, Leeds, or the Isle of Wight.Songs like “Tattoo” and “A Quick One” were flawless.When they started “Young Man Blues” I was totally enveloped.  The performance of Tommy was spot on.

The WHOligans rock.

Cheers, Steve
I just discovered your web site and heard a sample of your music — and I’m blown away.

As a diehard Who fan from as far back as the 70s, I’ve never heard anything else so perfect in every way.

Will you be appearing anywhere on Long Island or in the New York metro area any time in the near future?  Thanks.

Jim Murtha






Written on you tube

so im watchin this vid..and i looked down and i got goosebumps..

so i ran to asylum records on central and RE-bought the Quad CD,(as my tapedeck finally bit the dust.)

grabbed a sixer,( 6 beer)

rolled 1 up,

tol’ the ol’lady to get out,

IM ROCKIN…well..she threw off her clothes,jumped on my lap and said..

well ..ahem..the WHOLIGANS!!!


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