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September 26th show in Oshawa to be rescheduled, see ‘Tour Dates’ for more info.

Barry sings the USA national anthem July 23rd in Orlando

Atlantic city video coming soon.

September 19th update

We just played a 1 off gig in Toronto/Etobicoke September 6th called ‘The Taste of Kingsway’, which was a big outdoor street festival.
The giant stage was a pleasure to play on, and the crowd was great.
We played a few deep cuts from The Who, which was a big risk, as not everyone at these shows are die hard fans of The Who, but songs like ‘A Quick One’ and the long version of ‘My Generation’ from ‘Live at Leeds’ went down very well.
Hopefully we’ll be asked back next year.
Go  to The Wholigans Facebook page to see photos and video from this gig.
A video of the entire show will be in my hands any minute now, so then I’ll post some on youtube.
In the meantime here are a few photos of the day
Also watch The Wholigans page on facebook for up to date videos.
If any of you have video or photos of the show please send them to
This applies to any of our shows, if you have photos or video we would love to see them, be it from 1982 or 2014, it’s all good .

Things are pretty quiet for Sept/October, but hopefully we’ll be back at it…. sooner rather than later.
We’re looking at returning (again) to the UK next September, so keep an eye out for that.


August 13th update

Photos from England now up on The Wholigans facebook page

We’re just about to head over to England on Tuesday, but before we do we just want to tell you about a show just added September 6th in Toronto at ‘The taste of the Kingsway’ in Etobicoke.
There’s a great lineup of bands, see here

The Wholigans ‘Live at Leeds’…..literally !
We return to a venue we haven’t been to since 2005 ‘The New Roscoe’
This will be our final stop in the UK this time around. It’s on a Sunday, so put your drinking boots on early and come out to this great venue.

Admission £8

 See the rest of our UK shows here


June 14th we go back to Bethlehem PA , but this time it’s on the big stage at
& on the 21st
Barry sings with NYC WHO tribute ‘Who’s Next’ in Sellersville PA—The-Who-Tribute-OSCARItem_1=WN.6.21.aspx 

Another UK date has been added August 6th at The 12 bar club  in London where we played last year after The Who convention. It’s a small club, but it is one of the coolest clubs, I’m not sure that’s the best word to describe it ,but  the 12 bar defies description.
You have to go there to ‘get it’

Wholigans ‘Pete’ Chris Bacon tests new HIWATT amp at the Namm show.

Article written about our May 30th gig in Toronto

This year is the 50th Anniversary of The Who
August 15th 16th 17th are the dates of
‘Woodstock’ celebrating it’s 45th anniversary.

We were extremely busy on Woodstocks 40th anniversary, so BOOK US NOW as those dates won’t be open long.

The Who are not touring their 50th until 2015, but the anniversary is actually this year, so both this year & next is the perfect time to book
The Wholigans

Our show recreates The Who in a classic rock period of the 70’s which has to be seen to be believed.

See clips of previous Woodstock shows.

‘Woodstock’ 2009

Toronto Canada ‘The Sound Academy & Q107 presents


May News Sunday May  25th 11am

UK dates for August have been posted , and we are very excited to return to a few places that we have played before, especially the Princess Pavilion in Falmouth, as we haven’t been there for about 5 years.
It’s a lovely venue by the seaside in the south west of England , so much so I hear Pete Townshend sails his yacht from there.
Falmouth fans of ‘The Who’ fly out of the woodwork for this one , as we have always had a capacity crowd for this, so get your tickets early!

Also we are playing a big outdoor festival in Surrey with tributes to The Doors & a tribute to Jimi Hendrix as the festival itself is a tribute to the 1970 Isle of Wight show. (see ‘Tour Dates’ for links.)


NOW….as for our next shows…….Toronto May 30th & 31st are at the Linsmore in Toronto.

We sold out 2 nights in a row last year and are playing 2 back to back this year .
It’s a small venue ,but Ryan the owner has gone where a lot of Toronto bar owners have not, he has realized that despite the size of his venue, he has figured out that in order that to attract more customers, that he has to get in the bigger acts (which  also means putting out bigger money than most venues his size)
Well this concept has taken off BIG, and people  have shown their appreciation, not only for that , but for the fact he is has put his trust in good old classic rock n roll that Toronto has been a staple for many years, but many have forgotten.

Toronto has been a WHO city for as long as I can remember….and I’m old !!!
While many of Toronto’s venues have fallen by the wayside, I think The Linsmore will become folklore in the history of great rock n roll venues.


‘It ain’t pretty, it’s gritty’…but that’s where rock n roll sits…in the grit ‘
Quote Barry May 2014

April news
We had a very succesfull foray into our first gig in the Netherlands on April 27th, the venue  was beautiful, the crowd were the friendliest and most courteous (I know that’s not a rock & roll word…but ) let me tell you…those people like their beer and I mean REALLY like their beer !
A couple of thousand showed up, and it was a great weekend.

We met some great guys in a UK Led Zeppelin tribute called ‘Hats off to Zeppelin’ who were first on the bill, and imo should have headlined.

Below here you’ll see a photo of Jim Neu (drummer) who’s first gig with us, was this one, and for a first gig he played the part brilliantly, if I didn’t know better, I’d say I sang in front of Keith Moon that day.
Jim who hails from North Carolina, will be playing future USA gigs with us so keep an eye out for him. (as well as Darren  of course) 

Also thanks to Craig Addecott & Andy Rimmer from the UK for being Wholigans that day, and if you saw them after the show, you would know that the word ‘Wholigan’ was very aprapos !……..bad boys indeed !

A huge thanks to the venue owner Ben and his beautiful daughter Carmen, who treated us like KINGS for 4 days, we hope we can work together again in the future.

If anyone that was there has photo’s or video they would like to send, please send it to us at and we’ll post it.

Thanks Netherlands , that was a first for us and hopefully not the last !
‘I’m a Substitute for another Guy’



March news:

We visit The Netherlands on Sunday April 27th at a big outdoor festival.
with tributes to Guns & Roses & Led Zeppelin.

Andy Rimmer & Craig Addecott , UK Wholigans will be playing alongside Barry & Jim Neu on drums.

NEW diary entry here



The Wholigans are coming to the UK in August 2014, we are currently looking for bookings to add to existing dates.
Right now we are looking for…..
Wednesday August 6th, 7th, 8th & Sunday 10th.

Preferably 4-5 hours in & outside of London in any direction.
All offers will be entertained though.

Please contact with serious legitimate offers to

More tour dates here


January 2014

New Video from our gig at the London Music Hall in Ontario Canada November 2013
‘Who Are You’  here

We are now in talks with a booking agency in India, and we look forward to playing over there.  Calliope Events

“New” video ‘Simply Smashing’ on our video page here 


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