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To date (Nov 16th) we only have these  video’s.
If you took video, please send them to us and we will put the best up here.
If you took photo’s also, send your best ones to
We also have a pro video/audio shot of the day, that hopefully will be ready
in a couple of weeks ,as it was  recorded on 32 tracks but needs mixing.

The video’s below were shot by fans, Ian Dandy & scoobydoerodorono2006

I Can’t Explain 


Fortune Teller & Tattoo

Heaven & Hell (Facebook)

My Generation segment (Live At Leeds) audio at the end ffffades away


                  MORE TO FOLLOW

See what you missed at the SOLD OUT  2006 Who convention.
Don’t miss the next one!


To date The Wholigans have played several worldwide WHO conventions

2003 March 22nd                   
Headlined Hamburg Germany
at the ‘Schlactoff ‘

2003 October                         
Wholapalooza  NYC  USA at the Hard rock Cafe & Le Bar Bat ,

2003  September 6th  
Headlined the UK WHO Convention ,
at the ‘Mean Fiddler/The Astoria in London 
(no site) photo’s here   (scroll down to 03)

2006  Saturday April 1st        
Headlined the UK WHO Convention 
at ‘Bush Hall’ Shepherds Bush’
website  (with Roger & Simon)

2010   Sunday October 3rd   
Headlined the UK WHO  Convention
at ‘Dingwalls’ in Camden

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