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181 videos & counting ,that’s 20+ hours !!!


Have you taken a video at one of our shows, or plan to ?
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For single song video’s year by year 1982-2017 scroll down.

There are none from 1982-84 that we’re aware of, but if you have some, please send them to

About The Wholigans (various tv interviews & songs)

Who are you.

Pinball Wizard, See me feel me/listening to you

‘Simply Smashing ! ‘
 A montage of our finest smashing moments .




NEW The Orange Peel North Carolina November 26th

The Seeker, WGFA, Long live rock, & My Generation


Daytona Beach bandshell Sat Aug 13th New

Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere

See me, feel me

I Can’t Explain

Keith cam   The Real Me’         

Keith cam ‘Amazing Journey’


Who are you

Magic Bus

More Tommy

Young Man Blues


 13 more videos here from Daytona,

12980523_10208035589700567_801413367_n - Copy
1/2 of The Wholigans (Barry & Mark) performing acoustic WHO, April 16th.

A Quick One (while 2s away)

Happy Jack/ Substitute / I Can’t Explain

The Seeker


Barry radio interview New

  May :Atlantic City (after The Who gig next door on the Boardwalk) we played at Ballys Casino


‘My Generation’ the extended ‘Live at Leeds’ version
This is from a big oudoor festival in Etobicoke (Toronto Canada) September 6th 2014

‘A Quick One While He’s Away’

‘Young Man Blues’

‘Punk Meets The Godfather’

Elmocambo Toronto…coming soon

The Seeker Surrey


Baba O’Riley

Barry sings last minute with the Florida Orchestra New


Squeeze Box 2013 New

Barry sings ‘Pinball Wizard’ with A stage show called ‘This is the 60’s’ that was touring across the USA to sold out shows everywhere.


Chris at namm trade show in California testing a new Hiwatt New

New Port Richey full show
(guest drummer Billy Isner)


3Oth Anniversary 1982-2012

Toronto Canada  ‘The Sound Academy’ July 14th

‘Pinball Wizard & See me feel me/listening to you’

‘My Generation’

”Shakin all over/Roadrunner/My Generation blues’

‘Who Are You’ on FaceBook

‘Who Are You’different version on youtube.

Full show in B&W

Full show in colour

Medley, Who Are You,Baba O’Riley,WGFA

‘I Can’t Explain’ on FaceBook.

‘My Generation’ on FaceBook.

Photos from Toronto on FaceBook


The 2010 WHO convention


 Oct 3rd at Dingwalls London.




Fortune Teller & Tattoo


My Generation(Live at Leeds version)  _____



Squeeze Box


These next few were put up by a fan (thanks Frank) the 2nd video has speed issues here & there ,but the rest are fine.


Pinball Wizard

Baba O’Riley

The Seeker

Won’t Get Fooled Again


My Generation



Barry sings ‘You Better You Bet’ with NYC Who tribute

‘Who’s Next’




Scottish Wholigans (Won’t Get Fooled Again & ‘My Generation’)

I’m a Boy                       Scotland September 2009.


Long Live Rock                  Scotland September 2009.


Irish Jack & The Wholigans



Irish Jack & The Wholigans  Warning STRONG Language

Same Video as above but with  No-Edit

(This is Not band footage) Just a chat at a pub in Dublin with Irish Jack

Guinness & The Wholigans  for die hard Who fans/Irish Jack fans.




Belfast Ireland September 2009Anyway Anyhow Anywhere


I’m a Boy


USA Woodstock Aug 15th

6 minute compilation

w/Chris Bacon on guitar


August 13th  (Bill Canell on guitar)

Summertime blues

Amazing Journey/Sparks

Baba O’Riley

Won’t get fooled again 



Thanks to Bill Cannel on guitar from NYC’s ‘Who’sNext’


Florida New Port Ritchey, June

My Generation (extended live at leeds)

Magic Bus

I can’t explain


Musikmesse April 1st-4th (Bill Cannel)

Won’t get  fooled again

Magic Bus

 USA Virginia beach June

Summertime blues/shakin all over  (fan phone video)


Scotland Motherwell

November w/Darren Lolk guitar & Craig Addecott bass

The Real Me/I’m One

Magic bus

Shakin All Over


Love Reign O’er Me

Live at The BBC pt 1

Live at The BBC pt 2

Live at The BBC pt 3

Live at The BBC pt 4 accoustic ‘Substitute’ & ‘Behind Blue eyes”

Run Run Run/Bony Moronie..Bush Hall promo

Motherwell fans video

Magic Bus

London,Bush Hall Guitar smash


Canada Toronto @JeffHealeys

Darren Lolk guitar

Young Man Blues

Love Reign O’er Me

Heaven & Hell

Behind Blue Eyes

I’m One

May 24 (two four)Tweed Ontario

Amazing Journeydrum isolation


Guitar/drum smash

Official site  tour dates/photo’s
Hamburg Germany

Kaiserkeller club

‘Love Ain’t For Keeping’

Drowned Bargain



Press interview (in German) use google to translate the page
the translation is very funny.
or read here

KAISERKELLAR 2 HOUR SHOWYES, the same one The Beatles played

w/openers ‘The Black Olives (Darren on drums)

July L.A (after show WHO party)A Quick One accoustic with Mike Bisch & Darren LolkMay, Florida w/Bill Cannel




UK Who conventionLondon, Bush Hall

 WHO convention footage with Roger, Irish Jack,Simon Townshend & othersPart 2


Part 3


1/2 A Quick One



Florida New Port Ritchey Sims pkYoung man blues (1 minute)

________The Twoligans



2005 Tampa Florida

Full 1 hour show







Naked Eye  Ft.Lauderdale *new

NPR Florida
LOUD! My Generation (view from onstage)

2004Newcastle UKPart 1  w/Bones on guitar

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

The Who Convention
The Astoria/Mean Fiddler
Special thanks to Ron Dovey & Lori Calvert for the footage





Won’t get Fooled Again (full length) *new (kinda)  Dec 23rd 09 



Tom Wright exhibit ,Traverse MichiganPete’s friend/road manager/photographer
Newcastle opera house, UK
Germany, Hamburg
WHO Convention
Ozzie’s UK Wholigansintro


40 Minute ‘Friday Extra’ televised concert from Lowry Pk in Tampa Florida.

Starts with a 7 minute interview with Barry Quinn


Wholopalooza NYC

Hard Rock Cafe

The Twoligans

Tattoo accoustic

A Quick One

2002 ‘Gasparilla’ Tampa Florida (an event for 400,000)
*put up December 2010

1989-2001…we don’t have any video, if you do please send it to

The next lot of video’s are from between
Toronto Canada Rock n Roll Heaven

Yonge & Bloor

Emince Front





Eminence Front             *newly put up  May 7th 2010
Won’t Get Fooled Again   *newly put up  May 7th 2010

Who Are You 87



Eminence Front 86 (different than the one from above)
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A big BIG thankyou to all of YOU Wholigans who have watched this band over the years.
Thanks for every cheer,every applause,and every smile, you make it all worthwhile.
34 years and we’re still going, we’ll see you over the next 34.       






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