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The Wholigans haven’t had a lot of ‘Keith’s’ over the years, as finding someone who can emulate such a man are few and far between.

But we have been very lucky over the years to find our own Moonie characters who have filled the spot quite nicely.
Well, we never actually told them they had the job, they’ve just been ‘Fillin in’

Jim Neu.

Jim not only looks like Keith, he has Moons “finesse” down to a tee!
Jim joined the band in 2013 and his very first gig was in the Netherlands for 5000 crazy Dutch Wholigans, talk about trial by fire!
He actually jammed with us in 2003 at a gig in Traverse at an after party at a club for Who tour manager and photographer Tom Wright.

We don’t usually let strangers come up and jam on a song, but this night was different, I guess it was meant to be.
Although I didn’t get back in touch with him for another 10 years , as I thought he was ‘Flippin Lousy !”
Something he reminds me of everyday  lol .

When I was 15, I heard my older brother playing The Who in his bedroom. The music spoke to me, I knew immediately I wanted to be a drummer. When he would leave for work I would take the albums and play with headphones on a chair, then a cheap drum set and taught myself how to play the drums to
The Who …..”literally”.

Since then I have played with multiple bands over the many years, but no one could ever play more than a song or two of The Who.
Now that I am a drummer for The Wholigans my dream has come true, “to play The Who in front of thousands”

Thank you Wholigans!!! .My favorite Keith Moon quote
“You can’t afford me”

Watch the MoonCam here





 Darren , a Wholigan since 1989.
Without him The Wholigans would not be where they are today, but Darrens drumming is only one part of who he is.
Darren does lot of  hard work behind the scenes, day in day out.

Since 2016 Darren has become the CEO of HIWATT UK and is kept quite busy, so Wholigan gigs are a rare commodity these days.

“When I first heard Keith Moon play drums it changed everything for me as a drummer.
I felt I suddenly had the license to play the kit anyway I  choose.
Ha …and I did, I had to escape life, and he created the blueprints I was to use.
Thanks Keith, you are a life saver!
That was Keith’s gift to me, I made drums my life.
Early in 1989, I even went to England (I think it was February?….March? – I can’t remember….. 12% English cider) ignorant and bold, to find the members of The Who and convince them I should be their drummer.
My best friend (and fellow “Moon” Fanatic Mike Strapko) who was willing to pay to take us on this mad excursion !
What could I say ? …but YES ! 

Sticker, black
Well, sheer chance got us to Roger Daltrey’s farm (actually the early morning garbage man in a nearby village told us how to get there) and though a trespasser, I was warmly greeted, not arrested!
I will never forget the day, consequently, without going into details, the rest fell apart.

Upon running into Pete, he told us both “I don’t give a fuck”.
Ahhhhhh Pete that’s why we fans love ya.                                
I joined The Wholigans later that year, as a matter of fact, I played with the band until 1992 and started back again in 2001.
You probably see a lot of photos on our site of me smashing up me drums, you may even think it ridiculous, but  after all these years but I try to play with Keith’s spirit in mind and
I trash the kit not only for the show………….but…………
I like to !                    

So anyone on stage look out ! 
What a glorious waste of drums!
So to all ‘ooo fans out there, keep the music alive!



There are SO many videos of Darren over his 28 years+ in the band I couldn’t choose, so here are some of his finest moments.



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