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The Wholigans are very privileged to have not one…. but several different ‘Pete’s’ who play with us.

Not  at the same time you understand….   that would be a PeteOrchestra !

If one ‘Pete’ can’t make the gig then one of the others can, & all are very competent players, and have played with us for years.

Each one brings a different and unique aspect of his ‘Peteness’ to the band.



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Chris has been a Wholigan since 2000 and has toured the world with us many times right through till 2014.

I was born on Long Island, New York, my family moved quite a bit while I was growing up, so it would be hard to pick one place to call “home”.

It was while living in Canada that I discovered music when the Beatles first hit the North American shore.

It wasn’t long before the British Invasion brought a host of other groups into the mainstream of American and Canadian Pop Culture.

By the time I first became aware of The Who, I was living in California, what had been a pastime had now become a passion.

Sticker, black

It would be several years, 1970 to be exact, before I was able to experience first hand the awesome power of a live Who performance.

There is no question that The Who had a tremendous impact on me with regards to my own musical ambitions.

I played in several different bands in the years leading up to me becoming a member of the Wholigans, but in each and every one of them, it was the raw power and purity of those early Who performances that served as the benchmark for myself and those around me

“There once was a note, listen…………”

Watch Christopher here (2010 UK WHO convention) & here




Bill Canell of NYC Who tribute ‘Who’s Next’ also plays with The Wholigans
Bill steps into his ‘Wholigans’ boots on a number of ocassions, when he’s not busy with his band.
Bill has been a Wholigan since 2004 and has played with The Wholigans in Germany  and few UK tours, a number of gigs in Canada and tons of shows in the USA.

Watch Bill here and many others on our video page


*Photo’s marked CD courtesy of Carl Dunn


We travel worldwide and not all of our ‘Petes’ can make it all the time  so….If  you think you have what it takes to be ‘Pete’ email us

Being ‘Pete’ is not easy , so please do your homework, there’s more to it than ‘My Generation’…….and it’s not all about ‘the look’.

You must be able to sing and be a bleedin acrobat !


The Worlds ‘First & Longest ‘Running Tribute to The Who since 1982.

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