Roger Daltrey


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‘I’m a Substitute for another Guy’

Founding member singer Barry Quinn not only bears a striking resemblance to Roger Daltrey , but he also has the same powerful range that Roger carried throughout the 70’s.

Click here to read: PDF file >> ‘Newcastle Evening Chronicle’ article on Barry Quinn

The Who have indeed changed my life incredibly, and I would have never experienced what I have in life without them, it’s a great “job” being Roger, but I am only Roger on stage… once I walk off I’m Barry again.
I wish everybody could experience the power of The Who’s music through playing it live…it’s a trip, and to see fans loving it , is worth every ounce of energy.

‘Turn everything louder than everything else’
 2009 ‘Use it or lose it’  tour.
Sticker, black
Can you see the real me, can ya….Can Ya ? 

ollage by Sara Martinelli
Roger (left)…………………Barry (right)
“Is it me, for a moment …for a moment” 



‘I’m the Face if you want it’

This photo below was taken around 1983.

 Far right is the real Roger.




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